Bachelor of Social Science, Master of Art [Development Studies]

Mel Burgess has over ten years experience as a Parenting Program Facilitator and Family Worker at the Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle. Mel is committed to providing practical help for parents and families. Along with providing Consultations and Mentoring sessions Mel facilitates group programs including ‘123 Magic’, ‘Bringing up Great Kids’, ‘Circle of Security’ and Triple P Parenting Programs

“I create space for parents to slow down and reflect on what they want for their family, then gear them up to go out and create it”

What’s it all about?

Happier parents who raise up strong, healthy and happy children – feeling supported to do so along the way
To have fun, be real and create a space for parents to be brave enough to ask for help when they need it most
To take things at your own pace and to gently encourage and reinforce what’s working well
Connecting up parents with helpful resources, information and strategies

Skills & Experience

Parenting Program Facilitator
Trained Professional
Parent of two
Strong relationships with Family Services