Better Long Weekends



..then be sure to think on what parts flowed so that you can say them outloud and as a family celebrate them


#1 what we notice repeats


#2 it gives us insight into what each person values most in order to prioritise that both next time and in some other ways back at home


Also take some time to reflect on which bits felt clunky or stressful and consider what limits were not made as clear as was needed so that you can have that at front of mind to set things up differently on your next trip.


It’s not enough to go somewhere new and assume the kids will apply the rules from home to the new setting.  Make it super clear apon arrival as you risk assess together and you’ll onboard them much more easily while everyone is still in their relative ‘green zone’ and actually able to take in that information.


Tip:. If you go somewhere annually then keep the kids engaged in the beginning of trip chat by making a big fuss out of asking them what extended boundary they would like now that they are a year older. Accommodate what feels like a fit to remembering extending risk is really important (that’s a whole other post… Maybe read the blog I wrote about it) and perhaps close off with what THEY would like YOU to keep in mind.


An older-kids tip: In a campground it can be really hard to keep up with where the kids are.  Maybe make it your family policy that they not eat anywhere other than at your campsite.  That way they will gravitate in every few hours and you can feed them, hear how they are going in the friendships they are forming and activities they are doing, and hand them more sunscreen.


What did you learn from your last trip that you are going to keep in mind for your next trip away together?