Booking Terms and Conditions

I work directly with you.  Meaning that, even if they are present at an appointment, I don’t intervene with your children.  My role is to help support your parenting and I work from the belief that it is you that is the expert on your own family.  You know the important characteristics of each family member, what their strengths are, areas they need extra support in, and how the whole family pulls together in the values it holds.

I bring the theory behind what children and parents need to best connect and function, and my 10 years experience where I have supported 500+ parents to better understand how they can cultivate balanced kids and become happier parents.  I will lay out what I know as a buffet and it is your job to take what you (as the expert on your family) feel will be useful, reflect on it, try it out, tweak it, set it up to succeed.

Through marrying up what you know, with what I know, we can search together for clues in what is already working well in your family, and cross-pollinate whatever we find into the areas you are feeling frustrated about.

There is no obligation to do tasks between sessions.  However, chances are you will notice things between each session that will be useful for us in our hunt for clues we can use to help you create what you want for your family.  I look forward to hearing what these noticings are.

  • Cancellation policy is as outlined on the FAQ page of the Love Parenting website
  • Refund policy is as outlined on the FAQ page of the Love Parenting website
  • Confidentiality policy is also as outlined on the FAQ page of the Love Parenting website
  • Bookings are valid for 6 months from date of purchase

Parent Consulting/Mentoring vs Therapy

Our working relationship is in no way counselling or psychotherapy nor is it a substitute for counselling or psychotherapy.  In the event that it becomes apparent to me that it may be of use to link in with another professional service I will let you know and we can either take a pause while you get additional support elsewhere, or I can liaise with you and another professional and work out if working in tandem will likely be of use to you.

Starting & finishing up with Love Parenting

You are welcome to book as many, or as few, appointments as you find useful.  You many finish up at any time.  What suits some parents is to have a flurry of appointments, say once a week for 5 weeks and then call up and tap in as they find themselves navigating new stuff, or to get the tyres back on the road they way they got to during their sessions.  It’s your family.  You decide.

Cancellation Policy

Love Parenting holds your requested time slot in which you have a nominated appointment type.  If you are not able to attend, you will be offered another appointment type in that time slot. For example, if you cannot attend due to a sick child or issue with transport you can opt to take the session as a Skype or phone session.

Essentially Love Parenting will do whatever we can to assist you to keep your appointment flow going. This enables you to stay on a roll and create the connections you are working towards in your family.