Here is an exercise you can use to reflect on what your family achieved this year, what was challenging, and the skills you engaged to shine through.

When we take the time to think on these topics it sets us up to better know how we function as a crew, and how we can etch the best 2018 we are capable of.

It was in my end-of-year Professional Supervision session that I was given the chance to look back on my year this way. Vicki, my mentor and I sat down with a pile of Jenga blocks and some cards with strengths written on them (eg ‘I can be creative’ ‘I ask for help when I need it’ ‘I try new things out’)

You can do this with or without the cards as prompts. Blocks of some sort are the key resource.

As you think of something significant about the year, pick up a block and add it to the stack. Talk about how that event or theme was, think about what you learnt from it etc.

Continue with whoever wants to contribute and end with talking about how it feels to have identified all that about the year plus what you know from living alongside each other in 2017 that will help you etch out a 2018 with more happy-bits, more easy-bits, more successful-bits.

Taking the time to do exercises like this have huge payoff because they give a voice to each member of the family. When we feel heard we behave very differently than when we don’t.

Families are so resourceful. I would love to hear what you are already doing along these lines in your family, or how you tweak this activity. I will stay tuned and watvh the comment section below.