Growing Connection

Love Parenting Subscriptions

Single or double appointments are valuable to parents. There is no doubt. For sorting through a recent fiasco, and getting some perspective on a situation, these appointments are gold.

However, I know from working with parents for the last 11 years that the GREAT work with juicy longterm benefits happens when your family is in-between debarcles.

When your head is on straight (or straight-ish) we can work from the part of your brain where you reflect, notice patterns of your own and your child’s behaviour, and can see what is working well for us to creatively map out how to set your family up to thrive (and for you to ‘love parenting’).

These three subscription options are designed with that in mind and are priced accordingly.

Each are quite different but all are a chance for you to have a parenting professional alongside you who gets to know you and your family and is available for you to tap into when you hit loose gravel (or something you want to report back about that went well so you can brainstorm how to help it happen again and again until it is a norm).

Pick and mix from the three options.

Opt in and out as required.

Love Parenting’s difference is the focus on usefully being there for parents week in and week out to tackle tricky bits but also to work on growing connection in family relationships and to skill-build (e.g. getting kids to follow instructions/getting consistent with parenting partner).

I serve as a filter between parents who dearly want to do parenting well and the noisy space of the internet with all it’s webinars/online courses and the anxiety-provoking conflicting parenting information.

Subscription Options