Easy Access to Parenting Support, Strategies and Skills

Let’s take 25 minutes to have a chat about your circumstances and see how I might help you with whatever information/strategies/support/referrals/inspiration it is going to take for you to love parenting more than you have been.

In this chat I’ll be looking to get an understanding of the difficulties you are facing and to answer whatever questions you have about how I work and what I may be able to offer your family.

I offer these free 25 minute introductory chat sessions because they offer us a quick ‘try before you buy’ and if we do decide to work together we will already be well set up to get into some solid work.

There is zero expectation that following the 25 min chat, you will go on to book in. Actually, swinging your family’s situation past me is really useful as it keeps me thinking on the complexity of the hot issues that keep coming up. So please… if you are interested, book a 25min time slot and let’s chat.


FREE 25 Minute Introductory Session

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