Discuss Topics with your Peers and Learn from other Parents whilst being guided by a Parenting Professional.

These groups usually have 5-10 participants and are a wonderful way to share what is working well, and navigate through the challenges that come with parenting.

Group lengths vary from 3, 5 or 8 weeks long (one session each week).

In these groups I offer Circle of Security, 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching, Bringing Up Great Kids and Triple P.

In any of the groups, each week is a 2.5hr session where topics are brought to the group (what children need, some common challenges in providing them that, what we need to stay well as parents etc).

Attending one of these groups will give you quality information, facilitated discussion on these topics, and insight into how your challenges are also experienced by your group mates.

From there you have a whole lot more information to take back to your family’s situation, along with a sense that there actually is a whole lot you can do to influence change.

I am able to cater to requests from Playgroups, P&Cs, daycare centres etc and have a suite of ready- to-go groups, or I can customise/tailor content to suit.

Rescheduling Policy

I understand that parents don’t get advance notice of the dramas they regularly have thrust upon them. For this reason I have structured a Love Parenting rescheduling policy for groups, seminars or workshops which I will deliver as stated in all cases.

I don’t offer a refund option on the group, seminar or workshop offerings however if you let me know  3+ hours prior to the start time on the first day of your group, seminar or workshop that you won’t be able to attend I will offer you 14 days to look at any future group, seminar or workshops of equal or lesser value that I have listed and, if interested, nominate which one to reschedule your prepayment to.

Parenting Groups

Love Parenting can cater for Playgroups, P&C gatherings and other groups of parents.

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