Take time away from your family to work on your family.

Strategies and skill building for you, or to get you and your partner singing from the same song book.

Parenting resets include;

  • 2.5 hours of child free time in Love Parenting Studio Lambton
  • Brainstorming & reflection activities
  • Evidence based parenting techniques
  • Advice on ongoing support options
  • Refreshments

Useful as a one off, a built in recurring booking (like professional development sessions for your parenting role), or to work through a whole evidence-based parenting program together (Circle of Security, 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching, Bringing Up Great Kids, Keeping Children Safe).

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Testimonial from Tiffany

Facebook Review of her Parent Reset session

“Great advice, Mel.  Thank you so much for all your time and input thus far.  It’s really levelled me at a point where I was feeling more crazy, drastic things were going to have to be the answer.  Turns out, we know what we need to do and have the means to do it, it’s just making the call and doing it as priority.  Thanks for being the voice of reason when we were in such an irrational parenting place.”

– Tiffany