Parenting is full of do-overs.

Take time away from your family to work on your family.

Strategies and skill building for you… or to get you and your partner singing from the same song book.

3 x 2.5 hour sessions of child-free time in Love Parenting Studio, Lambton.

  • Consolidate what you know
  • Add in some evidence-based strategies
  • Refresh your perspective
  • Leave with a customised plan

Chances are you are doing plenty. Let’s frame it up.

These casual but powerful sessions are run in my calm garden studio where, free from your usual demands, you can take the time and space to look at your family situation from a different angle.

A key part of my role in these private sessions is helping you sift through what you already know/are doing. We will identify the parts of that which are resourcing you well, cast off the parts that aren’t, and customise some evidence-based parenting practices for you to reap reward from.

Parenting overwhelm is any parent’s biggest barrier to loving it more and being more effective at it. Our over-arching goal across these three sessions is to tailor and distill some of the key parenting concepts down into bite-size pieces.

The part of my role I love the most is seeing that once supported to more confidently parent in the way they intend to (rather than the knee-jerk or auto-pilot way that had crept in) parents move out of the taxing head-space of trying to get parenting ‘right’ and are able to noticeably connect with their family members so much more usefully. Our kids thrive when we manage to parent out of the sweet-spot where we are meeting their needs alongside our own.

Cost is $825 and payable by bank transfer in full or $275 prior to each session.
Sessions are held once a week across a three week period to simultaneously knuckle in while also allowing time between sessions to notice family dynamics and try out new processes.

Ideally you would pair an intensive three-session Parenting Reset with a month or two in The Parent Huddle ($55 per month to have me on-tap to message with) but many parents find a Parenting Reset enough, and other parents without access to the time or money it takes to book a Parenting Reset, opt just to subscribe to The Parent Huddle and chip away week by week messaging about what they are challenged by and essentially moving through the same topics.

Got questions? Send me an enquiry to learn more.

Testimonial from Tiffany

Facebook Review of her Parent Reset session

“Great advice, Mel.  Thank you so much for all your time and input thus far.  It’s really levelled me at a point where I was feeling more crazy, drastic things were going to have to be the answer.  Turns out, we know what we need to do and have the means to do it, it’s just making the call and doing it as priority.  Thanks for being the voice of reason when we were in such an irrational parenting place.”

– Tiffany