Partnered…But Feeling Un-Partnered


Parenting is hard enough.

Doing it day-in and day-out while feeling lonely in your partnership takes it to a whole other level.

Wishing your co-parent could step into both the co-parenting and the romantic relationship more than they have been able to makes for big days of moving through the world feeling deflated, disconnected, and unfulfilled and stretched.

I keep meeting parents who present to Love Parenting in an absolute shame-party about yelling at their kids more than they feel good about and looking for quick easy-to-do ways to just turn the yelling off.

But yelling is always just the symptomatic tip of the iceberg, isn’t it?

So often it is that the bigger, less visible part of that iceberg is a parent who is absolutely carrying the lion’s share of the household mental load and trying to keep the couple’s relationship fed.

So…my role is to work with parents on the whole iceberg.

Over in The Parent Huddle ‘Co-Parent Relationship Stress’ is our current theme.

This week’s video is going to be on opening up partner conversations about sharing the household mental load.

Get in touch if that sounds like a timely topic for you.

Thankyou @silvykhoucasian