Teens Hosting Sleepovers

A deterrent for having a crew of lads stay over can sometimes be the work and expense of filling all those apparently hollow legs.

We are entering teen-ville over here and gosh it’s lovely being able to bang out some bulk one-pot wonders that are a solid alternative to the cheap pizza they also enjoy devouring like locusts.

I’m all about the kids putting some skin in the game when they want to host a sleepover. On this occasion I took Chewie for a walk leaving my 12 yr old son to chop up some rindless bacon (keeps it easy) and whatever veggies were in the crisper that could go in fried rice.

I came back to find carefully diced cucumber and tomato in the mix and was concerned… but flash-fried in a big flat paella pan on the bbq with some oil, cold cooked rice and soy sauce it just needed some chopped egg omelet added and we had kilos and kilos of food for the group of 6 lads to eat multiple bowls of.

Easy wash-up. Only the paella pan and bowls/cutlery if you read remember to fry the egg first.

And if by chance there is way too much it freezes easily for a lazy-night dinner or in thermos portions for school.

Also, if the child hosting has largely made it the others are more likely to hook in. That has been quite the phenomenon I have loved noticing.

And if you have them bring in the pan and bowls in exchange for a precut cream sponge and a handful of serviettes you can put your feet up and relax while they skylark and bond.

What else along these lines do you know that is low fuss, easy for your child to make in bulk, well received by most kids, economical, and fairly healthy?