What a year to have parented through

Crikey! If you are a parent looking to leave behind all you can in 2020 then here is a simple family activity for you:

  • Choose a moment in time between now and the end of the year. After school on the last day of term works well. Or as you set off on a family holiday. There’s always New Years Eve. You know your family – you’ll feel what is a good fit.
  • Pick up a small bag of smooth pebbles and some textas
  • Pile everyone in the car and drive somewhere you can throw them. Like really throw them….harnessing all that pent-up ‘blurgh’ you pushed down each time you soldiered-on this year.
  • Have everyone take a handful of pebbles and write one word on each pebble that represents a stressful event or issue they encountered through the year.
  • Take turns hurling one out into the ocean, lake, quarry etc stating which personal qualities/skillsets helped and whose support was really valued.
  • Notice at a bodily level which of the pebbles felt the best to cast off.
  • Soak in the magnitude of how much as a team you got through, and which key mild superpowers you are taking with you into 2021.

I’m Mel and I Parent Coach from the reclaimed man-shed in the bottom of my Lambton garden over on Fitzroy Road.

This is the first of my columns for The Local and I’d love to hear if you would like more suggested activities like this one.

Shoot me a message or take a seat if you see me available when I’m over at Corner Lane Espresso in New Lambton – I am there for you to drop-in chat with 6:30-7:30am on Monday mornings.