If you have had kids coming home from school or preschool telling you they are getting a hard time from someone there then you will know that that situation it is a real rattler.  For them… and for us.

This month’s blog on this topic is super short.

Obviously, if it is bullying and a big deal then the school needs to be involved.  Quite often though, a child that feels resourced can stave off early the advances of someone giving them a hard time.

I invite you to ask them to consider asking  “Who hassled you today?” said with empathy and curiosity.

It will feel like a fit for them or it won’t, and they will try it or they won’t.

Giving someone a hard time is usually a grab for power by someone who is quite possibly getting given a hard time in some other realm of their life.

Responding from curious empathy often goes a long way to diffusing tension.  There isn’t ever any magic comeback you can give your child, but if they role play this one with you, keep their ears out for others that feel like a fit, and then keep them at front of mind they may feel well-equipped enough that they carry their body differently and never even need to use them.

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