Love Parenting makes space for parents to slow down, reflect and tweak the key things they need to be
happier parents and cultivate more balanced kids.


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Love Parenting is my safety net place-to-go when I feel like I need to centre myself back to parenting knowing something is going to be there for me to reflect on and learn from to settle myself before getting back to the job of raising kids.


I have been catered for so well, my family is becoming closer with the tools and techniques I have learnt are proving valuable in application…I look forward creating stronger bonds, opening better communication and understanding between myself and with my children … Thank you so much.

Guided self-discovery… we were steered towards the best choices for us and our family.

My wife and I signed up for the Circle of Security course, we weren’t sure what we were going to get out of it but it completely change the way we parent for the better.

Our kids are more settled and as a family we are much calmer and happier. Mel is amazing she was so easy to talk to, very relatable and so much more! We’ve also signed up for the Huddler subscription and every now and again shoot off a text to Mel to help keep us on track and feeling confident.

Can’t recommend Mel any more, she is the best!

A one stop shop for guidance and support for all things parenting from a highly knowledgeable, experienced and sympathetic and empathetic parenting expert.

Advice and support for today’s parenting challenges.


Mel helps me find my calm in the storm of daily life and parenting so my child can experience the best version of me.


Sitting with Mel we got insightful, compassionate, supportive, non-judgemental, creative, reality-based solutions for being the best parents we can.