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Below are some frequently asked questions about Love Parenting. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information


Oh gosh – I would love if that were possible, but no. All the appointments, seminars and groups I offer are straight fee-for-service. I make sure to provide good quality and free parenting information on my facebook page, blog, and videos and I regularly offer low-cost seminars. I want people to be able to tap into an affordable option. It also helps them visualise what they could expect from one-on-on appointment time or a group with me.

WHAT DOES AN APPOINTMENT INVOLVE?2017-07-24T11:59:14+10:00

Located in Lambton NSW the Love Parentint studio office is a comfortable place to meet over tea and talk through what is going on, how you would prefer thing to be, and to work out what you need to get there.

A couple of laps of Lambton Park at a pace that suits you frees up the problem-solving ability of our brains and creates the option for your child/ren to attend with you (pram/baby carrier/scooter).  Talking this option also ticks off 45 mins of exercise while you have your appointment.

Meeting to talk at Lambton playground while your child/ren play is again an opportunity to bring your child/ren to your appointment, but it is also really useful in terms of seeing the interaction between you and your child or between your children as they play.

Skype Appointments are available within Australian/US/UK/Hong Kong/KL/Singapore timezones.  Prior to a Skype appointment Love Parenting will be in touch via email to gain a sense of what you hope to gain from a Skype appointment. This will enable a productive and helpful appointment.

Prefer phone support? Easy. Book in and receive support when you can fit it in and we will discuss your needs over the phone.

Home Visits are available if you book a double appointment (to accommodate the travel time to and from your home).  Book in to receive support at home while your children sleep or once your partner can be home too.


A group of 5-12 parents meet weekly for 2 1/2 hrs each session to work through and reflect on key parenting topics and brainstorm (with themselves, their partners, other group members and a professional parenting consultant) how they can implement change in their family.  Courses run for various lengths of time. For example, Circle of Security (8 weeks), Triple P Group Program (8 weeks), Bringing Up Great Kids (5 weeks), 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching (3 weeks), Triple P Seminar Series (3 weeks)

WHAT ARE PARENTING SEMINARS?2017-05-09T05:27:28+10:00

Parenting Seminars are information sessions presented to parents to listen to, with their own family’s needs in mind, and be inspired to identify what their family needs are and how they can implement change

MAY I CONTACT YOU BETWEEN SESSIONS?2017-05-09T05:25:47+10:00

Yes. I invite you to contact me by email or phone for informal support or to share a celebration with me. If a topic then looks like it calls for more in-depth exploration I will ask that we reserve it for our next session, or you may choose to book an earlier session to cover it.


Parents shine when they have access to independent/non-judgemental support that is woven with empathy and evidence-based strategy and experience.   By being guided to identify your family’s strengths and challenges you can use these clues to cross-pollinate the successes you are having into areas you feel frustrated about

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I ENQUIRE?2017-05-09T05:24:57+10:00

When you fill in the online form (or as much of it as you feel will be useful)  I will call you (usually within 48 hours) for us to work out what specifically it is you are wanting, and for me to explain what I can offer.  We might also notice there are issues that I could recommend you contact a professional to assist you on instead of, or alongside, our appointments.  To book, you would need to use the Love Parenting online payment system and pay prior to your appointment.  You will be reminded the day before of the appointment time and then we we will meet and kick off our work together.

CAN I BRING MY CHILDREN?2017-05-01T01:55:38+10:00

YES! Love Parenting is flexible and understands that it’s not always possible to arrange childcare. If you need to bring your children along, the best appointment types are Walking or Playground appointments. This way you can concentrate on the discussion while children are in the pram, baby-carrier, scooter, or engaged with playing equipment. Our aim is to help you feel relaxed enough to immerse yourself in expressing your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to create for you and your family in terms of parenting dynamics and child behaviour


Yes. Morning appointments are available from 6:15am and evening appointments run through until 9pm.  Contact us via the booking page to request your preferred appointment time and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs

CAN I ATTEND WITH MY PARTNER (or co-parent / ex-partner)?2017-05-01T02:01:20+10:00

Yes!  Absolutely.  What a gift to your child to invest yourselves in this way. Working with Love Parenting is a brilliant chance for you and your ex or new partner to delve into your vision for your family and how you are going to support each other to make step towards this space.  Love Parenting isn’t necessarily about direct relationship counselling – it is more about parents being able to communicate respectfully, work as a team and understand one another’s ideal parenting strengths and roles

HOW OFTEN WILL MY APPOINTMENTS BE2017-05-01T02:14:43+10:00

We recommend weekly to begin with. This provides a good space to give you time to try strategies out, reflect between sessions and to talk with your partner (or co-parent/ex-partner) about how you see the information illuminating some ideas you have in mind for your family.  However, some parents enjoy doubling up their appointments to be able to get into greater depth at each appointment.

Love Parenting is flexible and aims to fit in with your family’s scheduled – and you know your family routine better than anyone.

You may wish to book a mix of individual sessions, invite your partner/co-parenting ex-partner to attend some sessions only, or attend a group program.

It may even be that we spend a whole morning or evening or weekend day covering lots of information that we can then support you by phone to put into place over a period of time

HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL I NEED?2017-05-01T02:07:53+10:00

Love Parenting’s goal is to set you up in as few sessions as possible  implementing the changes you identify you’d like to make and enabling you to feel more confident in your parenting role.

Over a course of 10 appointments most parents have been able to make significant, long-term changes to unhelpful patterns in their family.  Within 5 sessions you can expect  to clearly identify what you value, come up with ideas you would like to implement, and be finding your legs in getting these strategies to work consistently


Absolutely.  The only time personal information would be shared is if you or someone else’s safety were in question, or if you agree to having your feedback put up as a testimonial


Love Parenting holds your requested time slot in which you have a nominated appointment type.  If you are not able to attend, you will be offered another appointment type in that time slot. For example, if you cannot attend due to a sick child or issue with transport you can opt to take the session as a Skype or Phone session.  Essentially Love Parenting will do whatever we can to assist you to keep your appointment flow going. This enables you to stay on a roll and create the connections you are working towards in your family

WHAT ARE THE TERMS & CONDITIONS2017-06-28T11:28:54+10:00

Check out Love Parenting’s Terms & Conditions here: Booking Agreement Terms & Conditions