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Get on the same parenting page

Working together towards raising resilient successful kids is quite likely the biggest mission you and your partner will ever undertake.

What makes it bonecrunchingly taxing, and then hard to do well, is not feeling united with a clear plan.

A Parenting Reset is your chance to be supported as a couple to come up for air and ask yourselves (more formally than you have probably had a chance to since the little blighters arrived):

“Righto – what’s our plan here?”

“…and what key efforts will we benefit from putting the bulk of our finite energy into?”

Consider it a bit like a planning meeting you would have for any other big project that mattered:

  • undertaken intensively across several hours
  • facilitated by an independent professional
  • off-site away from the distractions
  • inclusive of some well-placed professional development

Together we will tease out what your unique vision of thriving as a family looks like and marry your coalface knowledge of your family with my 14 years of Parenting Education experience to customise connection strategies that you can take home and be supported by me to implement.

Upon completion of your Parenting Reset you will have me built in as someone you can reach out to for Behaviour Strategy Session support to navigate as many behaviours as you currently have happening, or as come up across the years.

If you have current behaviour concerns I recommend that you pre-book a Behaviour Strategy Session for each of those to secure dates that follow on from your Parenting Reset.

What Happens

A Parenting Reset takes place across a whole school day, for you to be able to come in child-free and use the momentum of delicious uninterrupted time.

Where you will come for us to work together is Love Parenting Studio….a sanctuary  at the bottom of my garden (Lambton NSW) specifically created to provide you private non-clinical space to catch your breath and map forward.

Parent Coaching


Professional guidance from me starts as soon as you sign up for your Parenting Reset.  I will email you a series of pre-session activities and invite you to send me your responses before you come in.  This process sets you up with discussion topics designed to cast light on your situation and helps us all hit the ground running once we sit down together.

Parents regularly marvel that the mere action of booking in for their Parenting Reset helped their nervous systems settle enough that they noticed more connection and less overwhelm. I’m not surprised. It’s the ‘cavalry is on it’s way’ phenomenon.

Parent Coaching

A Parenting Reset Includes:


5 self-directed pre-session activities


5.5 hr private session


a built-in (and paid for) lunch date at local cafe


Customised take-home plan


5 revision videos with tipsheets


2 x 25min follow-up coaching calls


the option of ongoing support (2hr Behaviour Strategy Sessions are $350 and each one booked comes with 2x25min follow-up coaching calls)

Parent Coaching


one-off payment

or 5 weekly payments of $200

Parent Coaching

Online Course

Coming Soon

Love Parenting is currently developing an easy-to-understand, engaging online course for parents. Subscribe to the newsletter below to stay up to date with the release date!

We came to Mel with a mix of big and little problems – big picture stuff of how we work as a family and parent as a team – as well as specific little things we wanted help with like meal times, managing big emotions and getting out the door. Mel nailed allllll of it. 

Our Parenting Reset was such a good combo of exercises and ideas that have grounded us in our general parenting as well as great practical problem solving for specific issues.

We both felt so heard and validated by Mel and appreciated the flexibility and responsiveness of her advice to what suited us and our values as a family.

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Sarah A

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