Parent Coaching

There are two key ways I work with parents. 

Get in touch to find a best-fit for your situation.

Parent Coaching

Parenting Reset

also available as Zoom sessions


5.5 hr private session


Lunch at local cafe


Customised take-home resource

A Parenting Reset involves you and I intensively mapping through what has been going on and working out good-fit strategies to bring about the changes you are hungry for.

The customised Parenting Roadmap is your take-home resource to return to when things go off track.

A Parenting Reset takes place across a school day, so you can be child-free when you visit my sanctuary studio space in Lambton (Newcastle NSW).

Using the momentum this block of time gives us, we can really knuckle-down into a series of discussions, and activities to usefully map out your way forward.

Everything we will do together during your Parenting Reset will be towards us blending your coalface knowledge of your family with my professional experience. Our overarching goal is to have you leaving feeling confident in how you are going to use your limited time and energy most productively back at home.


one-off payment

Parent Coaching

The Parent Huddle

Your on-tap parenting professional.


Monthly subscription 


Personalised, quick parenting support


Online community access with other parents

A subscription to The Parent Huddle puts me, a skilled and empathetic parenting professional, within your easy reach as a soundingboard for brainstorming your parenting concerns as they come up.

Alongside you through the parenting tricky-bits.

I respond with customised parenting support / advice by 9pm the next business day. No matter what comes up, you will be able to shoot me a message and rest assured I will be alongside you regarding it that day or the next.

As a ‘Huddler’ you will also have the power to nominate topics you would like featured in Love Parenting videos and blogs.

The wrap-up is that you will essentially have me on your speed dial, a community of other like-minded parents to interact with in the Facebook page (if you choose to), and a say in what topics I cover for the Huddler-specific and general Love Parenting videos and blog posts.

55 per month

opt out at any time by
cancelling your next payment

Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching

Mel and Love parenting are amazing. I can not recommend her highly enough. After living in Newcastle, with no family or friends I was finding navigating this parenting caper quite challenging. Despite being a paediatric nurse and a midwife the behaviours of my children (and my own) were overwhelming at times and I didn’t know where to go to get the help I needed with both. Until I found Mel. Being a Huddler has meant that anytime something comes up that I want to work through she’s there. I just send her a message and she replies, in depth with advice and suggestions.

She will workshop tailored ideas with me until something clicks and checks in to see how I’m going. One of the best things I love about her is that she’s not telling me what to do but tapping into my insights, my knowledge of our family and guiding me which in turn builds my confidence. There is no blanket answer for every problem. I know her help is tailored to me, my family and our situation.

Mel is kind, caring, knowledgeable, generous and funny! I think adding Mel & Love Parenting to your parenting life just makes sense. You certainly won’t regret it.

Love Parenting Newcastle

Kimberley D

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