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Parenting Reset

Get on the same parenting page

Working together towards raising resilient successful kids is quite likely the biggest mission you and your partner will ever undertake.

What makes it bonecrunchingly taxing, and then hard to do well, is not feeling united around a clear agreed-on plan.

Parents I work with commonly book in saying they are navigating concerns about differences in parenting styles alongside individual worries around whether they are ‘doing enough‘, ‘getting it right‘ or inadvertently ‘doing damage‘.

A Parenting Reset is a chance to be professionally supported as a couple to come up for air and ask yourselves (more formally than you have probably had a chance to since the little blighters arrived):

“Righto – what’s our plan here?”

“…and what key efforts will we benefit from putting the bulk of our finite energy into?”

There is a real security that comes from consulting a professional about what you are trying, how that is playing out, and ways you might tweak what you are doing for greater result.

Guided by credible research we will work together to have you returning home more confident in the ways you are:


  • fostering connection
  • giving clear and calm instructions
  • effectively setting and holding limits
  • emotion coaching your child
  • managing your own emotional flooding
Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching

Get a little intro

I’d love to a have a quick 15min chat to work out how I can best help you.

A Parenting Reset Includes:


Self-Directed Pre-Session Activities

x5 sent out to you as soon as you sign up (allow five minutes to work through each activity – more if you opt to use them as powerful couple conversation starters). The information these activities generate is terrifically helpful once we sit down face-to-face.


5.5 hour Private Session

A child-free day together in the sanctuary of Love Parenting Studio for us to deep-dive into your unique situation, identify where you would most benefit from making changes, and customise an evidence-based plan for you to start layering those changes in back at home.


Local Cafe Lunch Date

Stretch your legs and nourish yourselves while you process the content of the morning’s session.  Order absolutely whatever on the menu takes your fancy. It’s your turn to be nurtured. Return fuelled and ready to bring things together in our after-lunch session.


Implementation Roadmap

Head home with a customised at-a-glance plan so that your next steps toward more connection and less overwhelm feel clear, bite-size and manageable.


Customised Goodie Bag

Each week across your implementation period I will personally deliver to your door a curated resource package.  Each drop will contain a hard copy of whichever conversation script /checklist / tip sheet /activity sheet / family meeting guide is relevant.  In there will also be whatever physical resources I anticipate will most powerfully support your implementation process that week.


5 weeks of Implementation Support

Weekly Zoom calls.  De-brief with me for 30mins each week about how your latest Family Check-In Meeting went, reflect outloud about how you are feeling navigating the implementation process, brainstorm what you could learn from a curly parenting situation that recently came your way, or whoop for joy in response to long-sought-after positive change you’d love us to celebrate together. I’ll vigorously ring my ship bell for you!

Ongoing Support Options

Once we have worked together through a Parenting Reset you will have me as a resource to circle back to across your parenting years.

Parenting Check-In Sessions cost $155.

They are 45 minutes in length and we can meet by Zoom, talk by phone, sit together in Love Parenting Studio, or walk and talk while lapping Lambton Park.

Parent Coaching


payment plan available

Parent Coaching

Online Courses

I have been curating my 15 years Parenting Education experience into some online offerings. Pop over and see if they could work for you and your family!


We came to Mel with a mix of big and little problems – big picture stuff of how we work as a family and parent as a team – as well as specific little things we wanted help with like meal times, managing big emotions and getting out the door. Mel nailed allllll of it. 

Our Parenting Reset was such a good combo of exercises and ideas that have grounded us in our general parenting as well as great practical problem solving for specific issues.

We both felt so heard and validated by Mel and appreciated the flexibility and responsiveness of her advice to what suited us and our values as a family.

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