A Place for Play

I recently got to cuppa with Jacqui who runs @a_place_for_play facilitating @rieorganization -inspired sessions with parents and their littlies aged 4 mths to 2 yrs.

I’m going to drop some links down below. One about what RIE is, and another where her service was featured last week by @newywithkids

The part during the cuppa where I think I got most excited was where she described (in reference to how we interact with our littlies) that one of the mantras of RIE is “slow it down…and then slow it down some more”

Oh…and the bit where we both identified how much pressure parents feel to keep children in a constant state of ’emotionally comfortable’ but how important it is that that we provide them -and support them through – lots of small upsets (like us leaving them somewhere safe while we go to the loo with an acknowledgment as we leave and once we return)

Anyway… comment below if you would like to hear more from us about why that is so key.

RIE® Basic Principles