A Useful Reframe

To the mamas and papas who had their adult children move back in when COVID hit.  To the parents up in arms over which school to enrol their child in.  To the caregivers of the littlie who just got a scary diagnosis.  To the folks of the child who is school refusing.  To the exhausted mama who is managing through the double-header days of a newborn and a high energy toddler.  To the couple trying to work out how to tell the kids they are separating.

If your best friend was in your shoes, what would you expect of them?

That’s right.  Probably much less than you are currently expecting of yourself.

How might you use this reframe as you move through the rest of your parenting day today?  Where can you cut yourself some slack and etch out the type of break you would want for your best friend if they had all on that you do?

What standards are you holding for yourself that are unrealistic and how might you adjust those tomorrow?

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