Apprentice Support

Another great @corner.lane.espresso crossover one Monday morning was with Jamie.

We spoke about the unique and important support role tradies play day-in-and-day-out for the apprentices they take on.

The research tells us that the key predictor of an adolescent successfully navigating through tough life circumstances is access to one really tuned-in adult.

We also know from MRI research that brains aren’t fully mapped-up and ‘online’ until someone is in their late 20s/very early 30s.

‘Hats off’ to the tradies of Newcastle (and beyond) who are doing the important work of providing this cohort of young folk a secure relationship base from which to learn all manner of life lessons beyond the actual trade they are officially with them for.

It is a huge deal to be alongside them through the years that mental health difficulties are most likely to emerge, when alcohol and other drugs come into their realm, when they are first navigating serious partner relationships, money, cars and so much more.#

…and can get really hairy in very similar ways that parenting gets hard.

Sing out if you have an apprentice you are stumped on how to support through whatever they are in the middle of. I run a free drop-in session at Corner Lane Mondays 6.30-7.30am and it would be my pleasure to be your soundingboard so you can think things through out loud with someone able to help you organise your thoughts.

Every youngin that makes it through to adulthood intact enough to be able to offer themselves to others down the chain is an important win.❤️