If Nothing Mattered

Let’s play.
Shut your eyes…
Imagine you are between jobs. You just got a juicy redundancy from your last role and the next one has a start date of 1st Jan next year.
Between now and then you have all the time in the world, money aplenty and for this imagining you are in the year before you first fell pregnant.
What would you leap boots and all into?
What would you absolutely prioritise for yourself?
What sparks joy even just to think about?
Where in your body can you feel that?
Sit and feel that for a bit. There’s no rush…..
Ok, so what insight does it give you into what you value?
How can you get even the tiniest mini-est spark of that feeling by changing the way you run your current weeks this term?
Let’s all think about it this week.
Message me if you want to brainstorm yours.
I’d love to be alongside you in that way.