In High Demand

“Can everyone just stop NEEDING so much!?”

…is the essence of so many conversations I have with parents.

Often it is that they come into Love Parenting from the parenting coalface where they have been working hard hard hard at being the parent they wish they had have had….ironically without having ever had that modeled to them and so they know what they don’t want for their kids, but don’t know how to do different than that and the kneejerk floundering on their own for years trying has exhausted the heck out of them

They have been out there giving all they can because they have read about what stacks the odds of their child’s enjoying ‘success’….

…and doing it from a head level, getting attached to outcome and believing it will just work if they try harder /get better at it /do more.

Bone-crunchingly tired.. Overwhelmed. Confused. Frustrated. Panicked.

…and often experiencing all that without any major incident or behaviours that they are coming in about.

It really can be that taxing just keeping the ship steering straight.


I stumbled apon this photo yesterday from a few years ago

I’d found in an opshop a beach dress thingie that matched the bed linen in our grannyflat we had just set up on Airbnb.

We had just had a zapped-out mama book in for us to ‘squirrel her away’ while she took 48 hours off the treadmill of life to recalibrate.

I took the photo to make a funny social media post about offering to hide you over here for a bit and it attracted a flow of tired mum’s.

We have a long term stayer in our grannyflat now so I can’t offer refuge the way I did back then but if you relate to what I’ve written here I can welcome you in to a Parenting Reset where we spend a whole school day together helping you organise your thoughts and feelings in a way that sets you up to return home more confident and competent for the most important job you will ever do.