Mental Health Occupational Therapist

Karina is a Mental Health Occupational Therapist who I can’t wait to link families in with once she is all set to go in her new private practice.

Last year was particularly big for the teenagers in our community.

Through the pandemic the littlies got their needs prioritised because of their littleness and their audible asking.

For lots of teens however… their ‘appearing’ ok in many cases meant that they were assumed to ‘be’ ok when they really could have done with more or different support.

No kidding…. We were all doing our best but them being in the cusp of independence didn’t work in favor for significant numbers of them whose comfort in their bedrooms grew, drug taking and other risk behaviours escalated, etc.

Anyway…something Karina said when we sat together last week has really stuck with me.

She explained her role giving the example of how anyone who engages in risk-taking behaviours has their own personal policies that they operate within to keep themselves to a standard they value. Eg, in her working with drug use…. Someone might have criteria like that they don’t use before school, don’t take anything that needs injecting, or avoid buying from certain dealers.

What I love about Karina’s way of working is that it is her focus to meet the young person where they are with that….and curiously mine for the values that sit behind those choices, and move forward from there.

It affords the young person some dignity, honors them by having them feel heard and in the long run escalates chances that they will work with her towards increased safety and well-being.

If you think a Mental Health Occupational Therapist that works this way with young people is someone whose number you would like to pop in your phone ready to get into a Mental Health Plan then stay tuned here in the insta stories for once she is set up and ready in private practice at @thebasehealthandcommunity