Parenting and Neuroscience

Hard to remember (and manage to do) if your own formative years were spent in a household with parents who believed they were preparing you for the big world by regularly wielding their power and attempting to ‘teach you a lesson’ using punishment rather than discipline.

They were working off different information than we now have.

We have far more research these days about what works to support our children to be compassionate, capable community members who can increasingly master the skill of emotional regulation and successfully navigate the world participating dynamically in society.

Until about 20 years ago we only had autopsied brains for research and so could only see the weight, size and general health of a brain.

These days we have MRI technology which has given us incredible insight into how a child’s growing brain benefits from secure attachment with their caregivers.

I LOVE the ‘lightbulb moments’ I see parents have when explore the neuroscience basics together.

Understanding what physiologically is going on while you or your child is emotionally flooding really helps. It gives an evidence-based foundation to more confidently and competently work from. It supports moving into more connection and less overwhelm.

Want a hand to parent your little blighters differently than your parents knew how to?

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