Parenting as an Empathetic Witness

Parenting is not about protecting our kids from experiencing hard stuff.

It’s about being an empathetic witness when they do.

And having them grow up secure in the trust that they can count on us for that.

This is also how we do the important work towards reducing intergenerational trauma.

By being there for our kids in ways our own forefathers and mothers might not have had the capacity for.

This concept is what I get out of bed for each morning. So that kids across Newcastle (and beyond) are more likely to get their emotional needs met in ways that can’t help but set them up to then grow into caregivers who go on to be that for their kids.

The visual of this ripple effect warms my cockles.

It’s how I can use the skills I have to make the greatest difference to the community I live in..

I am about to update Love Parenting’s Parenting Reset offering to be more intensive with 5 weeks of built-in follow-up support. Initially, I worried parents would be put off by needing to commit that hard, but feedback is that there are folk who are that motivated to hook in and find their family hum.

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