Running Bare – Oh Good Golly

I sit with parents week in and week out rabbiting on about how important it is that we deal in ALL members of our family so (rather than growing up feeling ‘entitled’) our kids grow up with a sense that they are part of a team where all the players needs are important and catered to.

Then…. Starting at @pineapplefitness_last week I found myself head down bum up on the slippery grass with literally no tread left on my joggers.

How metaphorical.

The slipping and sliding that went on😂. The trying to get somewhere but only being able to pointlessly scramble.😳

It’s exactly what’s been happening life-wise. I’ve been ‘fine’ but it’s been ‘scrambly’ fine and I’m ready for more than that and hooking in on several fronts to bring it on❤️

So, I drove to @rebelsport asked myself which joggers sparked the most joy in me and would feel good lacing on at 5.30am three mornings a week.

What obviously then happened was the self-talk.

About the cost: “I could make do with the cheaper ones”

About the colours: “Who am I to be that flamboyant?”

About the type: “It says they are for triathlons…I can’t even run”

Often as parents (and especially as mums) we’ve been conditioned to deal ourselves the burnt chop. To make sure the kids have the gear they need for the activities they go to, and yet so often not prioritise even booking ourselves an activity. Etc etc etc

This conditioning is a key focus in the @drsophiebrock training I’ve just started

A personal share from my life is that at age 8 my parents separated and with my mum really unwell we settled in a new town with me a key caregiver to her, my 5yr old brother and my other brother who had just turned 2. I learnt lots across those years. Putting my own needs last and being uncomfortable so others can be comfortable is one I have really been enjoying ‘unlearning’ the last decade or so.

I’m grateful for opportunities like the shoes situation to reflect and keep myself up on that learning edge.

What do you need that you feel pulled to speak up about or take action towards this week that will help you sustainably keep in flow and model what you want your kids to learn about self-care over there?