Separation Support

Fiona the friendly Family Lawyer from Delaney Roberts and I got to sit, drink tea and explore commonalities this week.

Within mins of plopping ourselves down on the Love Parenting Studio lounge we discovered that as well as a passion for supporting families through the transition of separation we also grew up in the same teeny tiny Central West NSW town (that even thesedays only has a population of 3000 people).

Remember in my video the other day I said I can’t say I’m from there without someone telling me they taught there for 20 years or went to a wedding last weekend there?


Anyway, there will be more tea-fuelled sit downs. There is a treasure trove of separation topics we could usefully make short videos and tip sheets about to assist parents navigating that realm of tricky.

I just need to come up for air a bit. The beginning of each school year is always a bit intense scheduling wise here at Love Parenting….

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