The ‘brain rewiring’ this dad mentions is him saying he didn’t just get a strategy for the issue he came in to discuss….he got a new more useful way of looking at situations that arise in order to work out what is needed.

My role is not to merely throw more parenting info at you.

You’ve no doubt already been down the Google rabbit warren and found that more info doesn’t help when you are stressed, it discombobulates you more.

My job is to hear what ‘tricky bit’ you have going on, what you are scared it ‘means’, the areas it is impacting, what you have already tried towards resolving it, and how that has gone.

Us working through that process helps you move into the more empathetic headspace that is needed for you to learn to read what needs your child is trying to get met.

The behaviour is the clue. It is how they communicate what they can’t (or don’t feel safe to) say until they learn (with your support) to go about that differently

In our time together we unpick what is happening and customise alternative, more effective ways of responding to the needs.

Cool huh!?

I know❤️

And that it is why a Parenting Reset takes the time it does.

I liken the short sessions I used to do as me teaching you a song, whereas these more intensive Parenting Resets I now offer are more like teaching you how to read the music.

There is a ‘Contact Mel’ link here in the bio that will take you to my online enquiry form. If you use that now to tell me what you have got going on and I’ll be in touch Monday to chat through how we can tackle it together.