Sunday Night Audit Tool

Here is your first FREE resource (there are more to come)!

The key to parenting in the way you ‘intend to’ rather than the ways you ‘default to’ is staying well-fuelled.

This tool, used as a prompt to check in with yourself weekly, keeps you on your front foot.  

It supports you to stay focused on what you need and to achievably layer in one  bite-size wellbeing habit at a time.

How to use:

Print me out and sit me somewhere as a prompt to pause and reflect each week

Take some long slow breaths as you check in with how each of your ‘wellbeing tanks’ are feeling

Mark in pencil (or laminate me and use whiteboard marker) to visually signify how full each tank feels

Note down what you have identified you most want to give priority to this week

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat……and enjoy an ever-increasing capacity to parent more in the way you intend to through actually operating from a fueled state

When our own basic needs are met then meeting our children’s needs becomes immeasurably easier.