Megan’s Parenting Story

Refreshingly vulnerable and gorgeously articulated, this post by Megan is so validating for folk wading waistdeep in parenting shame and ‘blurgh’ right now.

It’s been SUCH a taxing time to be a parent and she shares so honestly the feels of how she ‘bottomed out’ before being linked in for support for Love Parenting.

Coming in for support that ‘stretched’ sometimes has the complication of that significant emotional flood hampering a parents ability to be able to access their problem-solving ‘thinking-brain’.

Amazingly, Megan and her partner Matt are (even through Zoom!) getting solid Parenting Reset work done.  All manner of their personal and couple strengths are helping them even against significant adversities.

Here is part of her story.

She has shared more this week with Rebecca from Newcastle Weekly in follow-on to this Love Parenting article by Newcastle Weekly this week about the new online course this week.  Stay tuned here or on the Love Parenting Facebook Page and I’ll post Megan’s article once it goes online.

Ultimately, the horse might feel like it has bolted.  You might be so deep in the ‘blah’ of all you have on that you can’t imagine where you would shoe-horn in parent coaching.

That’s fair.  It’s a really normal reaction to have.  See what you think when you read Megan’s story and stay tuned as we work through the remainder of her and Matt’s online Parenting Reset sessions and maybe that will help you see what could be possible for your family too.

It’s a massive massive time for fatigue and overwhelm.  Gently gently with yourselves,  Sing out when you are ready for a hand by filling in an enquiry form.